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July 2023 is the 25th Anniversary of this web site!

Recently I acquired a floppy drive that works on my current main computer and was able to download my entire first web site in all it's primitive glory! This backup dates from July 1997. I made this web site as part of a class that I took to learn Photoshop. The instructor Kim Mosley, to whom I will always be grateful, taught us how to make an HTML page along with the graphics knowledge. That class changed my life. I am also grateful to Kim's wife Linda Mosley who earlier taught me ceramics. Both Mosleys are the kind of teachers that care about their students when they are in class, inside and out, and also long afterward. Like me, they believe in and practice lifelong learning. Thank you both for what you did for me!

Another anniversary in August

Next month is my 5th wedding anniversary. Here is a link to my wedding web site - I always meant to update the photo gallery! 5th anniversary is as good a time as any it would seem. I'll try to work on it - if it takes longer, please be patient!


Visit the old web site, originally named Lime Green Evolution World of Art, as it was in 1997! Some of the links will be dead because they link to old services and email addresses and things that don't exist any more - but I have repaired the navigation links so that you can see the main content.

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