Introduction to Art Journal Selections

P. Letting back in playfulness and conceptual art - #12daysoftomsbeard

Due to being involved in Art Journaling since 2016 and getting involved in Mail Art again after abstaining for 20 years, I have been more open to doing more playful and conceptual art projects again lately. On the IUOMA web site I had seen an Italian artist put small artworks in his beard and post the photos online. Since my husband Tom resembled the artist Ray Johnson featured in one of the mail art projects I had recently participated in, AND he was currently sporting a beard, we decided it would be fun to make small images of Ray Johnson to paste to cardstock and color on and take pictures of them clipped to Tom's beard.

Since I had this idea right before Christmastime, I decided to call the project #12daysoftomsbeard. I started on Christmas Day and took one beard photo each day for 12 days.

Things to be grateful for: