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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening!

That was the famous greeting that I used when I first began producing webinars. As the participants attended from different time zones, it seemed appropriate to include those who were just waking up and getting their coffee to those that were signing off for the evening.

Email Marketing Presentation

That was seven years ago when webinars were still a misunderstood term and a misunderstood process for audience acquisition. Now the term and the process has proliferated across the Internet and everyone is setting up a webinar of one type or another. However, we are learning from experience that webinars are only attended by about 25% of the people that register for them. Where are the rest of the participants who signed up?

With the growth of the Internet and new media technologies to communicate and distribute on-demand content, it is time to provide a targeted, more personalized process to provide relevant content that can be accessed when participants need it and how they wish to receive it.

Research indicates that participants attend a webinar when they are seeking buying information on a product or service or when they want to learn more about a specific topic. Participants also wish to access this information when it is most convenient for them. When they need it and how they want it. Isn't it time you had it your way?

Without sounding like a burger commerical, I am pleased to produce and deliver our first interactive new media newsletter. Directly from this newsletter you can learn more about a different topic each month and you can participate by responding to polls and downloading relevant content. Each month we will provide a "Webinar for ONE" on-demand presentation featuring an Industry Expert that will cover topics that are both relevant and timely to your marketing efforts.

This month, we are pleased to introduce Joel Book, Director of eMarketing Education at ExactTarget. Joel delivers a very compelling presentation on how your company can effectively use email marketing to create personalized, targeted email campaigns that will significantly increase the return on every dollar you invest. I invite you to listen and learn more in Joel's short 13 minute presentation.

Thank you,

Mark Rice
Managing Director
Webinar Resources

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