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Compendium Blogware Webinar for ONE, Open Rates and Lead Generation - Ready to Rock and Roll

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. In this issue of our Webinar Resources newsletter we are pleased to host our Guest Author and partner, Compendium Blogware in this edition's Webinar for ONE. Webinar Resources has also launched several "keyword" Compendium Blogware blogs. Last of all, we provide a little entertainment as we Rock and Roll through 2008 with exciting new offerings, partners and practices that will help you generate new and exciting customer acquisition strategies and solutions.

Open Rates and Lead Generation

There is a very good discussion regarding open rates and email campaigns in a recent edition of the DMNews. Two industry experts face off on the effectiveness of email open rates and their real value to personalized marketing campaigns.

One of the "contenders" describes the open rate as an ineffective form of measurement. He argues that open rates are not reliable as email can be opened on mobile devices that do not download images and more web client email platforms, like Gmail, are configured to display text only.

The other contender, Morgan Stewart, Director of research and strategy at ExactTarget, places open rates into a different context, His position is that open rates are a good measurement as they allow you to test the effectiveness of email subject lines and offer insight into "campaign optimization".

We agree with Morgan as we see open rates as a foundation to determine if your marketing and customer acquisition strategies are effective. Visit our blog to read more

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Ready to Rock and Roll

We provide more than customer acquisition and lead generation services at Webinar Resources. Sometimes we like to have a little fun and I like to compose music.

I am known for writing parodies of songs for business meetings and parties and have even performed in Nashville singing "O Document Where Art Thou" to a group of customers who really got into the PowerPoint presentation when I gave them their tag line, "We'll help you build your ROI" to the tune of "Man of Constant Sorrow".

Last year's Fall release of ExactTarget's permission-based email platform got me so excited; I composed a song about it. I should have known after submitting my email and MP3 file to a rep that works for an email marketing company that the song would soon hit the charts throughout the company.

It did and you can read CEO of ExactTarget, Scott Dorsey's blog on my submission, "Ready to Rock and Roll". Enjoy!

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