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"When I'm calling you"

Maybe I am dating myself but for those of you who may remember, this was a line from "Indian Love Call" sung by Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald in a very, early century, nostalgic film.

In this issue of our InTouch newsletter, we are excited to announce that Webinar Resources is now an agency partner with Vontoo. Vontoo provides a unique, permission-based, voice marketing solution that is catching on quickly. Learn how we are using Vontoo to broadcast reminders to training attendees in multiple cities.

You can learn more about Vontoo as they are partnering up with Compendium Blogware next week for an exciting webinar, HumanizeYour Marketing with Blogging and vMarketing, on Tuesday, June 24th, 1-2pm EST.

Also, in this issue, Carolyn Hasenfratz, our Creative Director, offers some creative tips on how to match the background of embedded Brainshark presentations to your website.

Last of all, we are offering a free Vontoo call to anyone who views the latest Compendium webinar replay (select the play button on the image below). Send someone a special message or announce that big sale you made. Enjoy this issue of InTouch and don't be surprised in the near future when we are calling you.

Five Compelling Reasons for Small Businesses to Blog

Reach Out and Touch Your Customers - They're More Likely to Remember You!
By JoAnna Hamilton

Two decades ago we used to let our fingers do the walking to find people, fast.  Now the power of the web offers many effective processes for lead generation and customer acquisition.  The telephone still plays a major role in customer acquisition.

We have customers who run a series of live training events.  The classes fill up fast, and always have a wait list, so every "no show" represents multiple lost opportunities.  In addition to the standard email reminders, we began sending Vontoo reminder calls to all class registrants the day before the training, and the customers love it.

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How To Make Backgrounds in Brainshark Presentations Match Your Web Site
By Carolyn Hasenfratz

When you use the "Embed" command to place a Brainshark interactive web  presentation on your web site, the default background color for the introductory animation is blue, and the default background color for the slide portion of your presentation is gray. These are nice colors, but you might prefer using the background color of your web site instead.

I have made a sample page of a Brainshark presentation with the default colors on a web page with a lime green background. It takes a brave person to use lime green as a background color, but it's definitely good for demonstration purposes!

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