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We are starting up this New Year with some great new solutions and programs that will help you grow the return on your events. This issue of the Webinar Resources InTouch newsletter provides some exciting new announcements, enhancements and tools to keep you in touch with industry news and trends as they relate to event management and customer acquisition. Whether live or virtual, we are teaming up with industry experts who know the business, work in the business and can talk about the business.

We are also taking personalization to new heights with our Valentine's Day eCard and iTunes offer. Share the music, the love and the industry news in this edition of the Webinar Resources InTouch newsletter.

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Coming soon - Webinar Resources Webinars
by Mark Rice

Webinar Resources is planning a series of webinars providing fresh new perspectives and content related to marketing, event management and sales opportunities. Listen to experts in the industry and learn how you can grow your business opportunities, keep ahead of the competition, and retain your customer base. We will update you when the Webinar Resources Webinar series will begin and provide instructions on how to attend.

Webinar Replays
by Mark Rice

Our partner, Brainshark, recently released an informative white paper focused on webinar replays. Webinar Resources contributed to the white paper as we shared our breadth of knowledge and experience on the webinar industry. Download the white paper and read why Brainshark replays are essential to your webinar strategy. You will see an example of how we use Brainshark to personalize online content if you order a Valentine eCard and iTunes Offer.

Webinar Resources Blog
by Mark Rice

New look and feel, New content, New authors! Our Webinar Resources blog has just received a face-lift and we will soon be adding fresh content from guest authors from the industry. Visit our blog and give us your comments.

Valentine's Day eCard and iTunes Preview
by Mark Rice

Once again we are offering a personalized experience through our holiday eCards. This Valentine's Day, we are adding music to the mix and further personalizing the experience of the recipient. Provide us the name, email address, a special message and the name of your Valentine's favorite musical artist and we will deliver a personalized eCard and iTunes Preview landing page with album selections that your special Valentine can listen to. Webinar Resources will be posting an iTunes redemption code ($15 value) in ten of the lucky Valentine's personalized landing pages on February 14th.

Mark is also providing a free download to his Valentine's Day song - "A Love Letter from the War". Submit your request for a Valentine's Day eCard by the end of Thursday, February 11th. Share the music and the love with this unique, personalized experience.

Get Valentine's Day eCard here

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