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Hot Fun and Solutions in the Summertime!
I know I may date myself on that tune, but we are excited at Webinar Resources as we have some sizzling services to offer our customers. Our new Mobile Replay solution offers you the convenience of viewing mobile presentations wherever you are and whenever your mobile device is on. We continue to build our community with partners and are planning our next Webinar Wednesday event on August 11th. So pull up a chair, pull out that mobile device and lounge and learn about solutions that will bring value to your company and your customers.

Mobile Replay 50/50 Offer
As half of the Summer is about over, we are offering 50% off our mobile replay solution for one of our lucky subscribers. Just view our mobile presentation to the right and be the 50th viewer. We will select the 50th viewer from our tracking reports on August 2nd and notify you. Webinar Resources will produce a 3-5 minute mobile replay for your company ($495 value). (Mobile Replay and production services offer good until September 6th, 2010. Subscriber must provide their own content and the additional 50% investment.)
Connect with Customers Wherever They Are and
Whenever their Mobile Device is On

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Mobile Devices
Supported Mobile Devices

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Go Mobile This Summer!
by Mark Rice

So here we are in Summer already. Beautiful weather, bike rides, baseball games, vacations--Who wants to work in a stuffy office? "But I have to watch that new product intro and be prepared to speak to my customer next week." "I have to review that latest webinar replay to see what my competitors are up to".

We've got the answer to your Summertime Blues. Webinar Resources is excited to announce "mobile replay". Now you can view that relevant content on many mobile devices (supported devices -- iPhone, Droid, Blackberry 8900 and even the iPad). Yes, it is time to "lounge and learn" while soaking up sun, fun and knowledge at the same time.

We have begun producing content in the new Brainshark enhanced mobile format and will be adding more relevant content to our mobile catalog. To view a sample on a supported mobile device, text the word webinar followed by a space and then your email address (for example webinar myemail@email.com) to 88769 and we will add you to our mobile subscriber list to receive our latest mobile replay.

With our new condensed webinar replay service, you can accelerate your customer acquisition process with mobile on demand presentation content. Imagine serving up relevant, targeted content to a customer or prospect's mobile device with a simple text message.

Join our mobile subscriber list and see how easy it is to go mobile and get out of the office!

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Condensed Webinar Replays Drive New Business Opportunities
by Mark Rice

How many times have you missed a webinar? I am sure many of you have for one reason or another. Webinars have become so ubiquitous now that there are several you could attend in any week. However, that is why there are webinar replays - recordings of the live webinar event. More people view webinar replays than those that attend live webinar events. A webinar replay is a great medium to catch up on the content of what you missed at the live webinar. Or is it?

"Thank you for attending today's webinar. Today's webinar will be in a listen only mode. You can ask . . . " What's this? Why do I need to listen to this unnecessary banter of the live webinar when it has already passed? I just want to get to the "meat" of the webinar and move on.

Learn More

We recently produced a webinar replay for the Global MBA progam at the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology at Webster University, "How to be a Rock Star in the Corporate World". To view it, visit our webinar replay portal at www.brainshark.com/webinarresources

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Popularity for Peter Muir Presentation Continues to Grow
by Mark Rice

Peter Muir
President - Bizucate
Our production of partner, Peter Muir's "Pre-Event Efforts" presentation continues to receive high marks for views on the Brainshark Learning Content Network. Earlier this week, this presentation was showcased in the Brainshark customer newsletter as it held the number one spot in most viewed presentation on the the Learning Content Network. You can view the presentation at http://my.brainshark.com/Pre-Event-Strategies-with-a-Multi-Channel-Mix-260709301 or view it on your mobile device by texting the word replay to 88769.

View our third in a series Webinar Wednesdays replay - Phase 3 - Event Delivery, presented by Peter Muir.

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Phase 3: Event Delivery
by Peter Muir

The day of the event (DOE) represents a major influx of responsibility for both the organizer and the attendees. Organizers have to manage a myriad of variables to ensure a successful event from catering coordination to registration to setting up tech requirements, wrangling presenters and more. Attendees have fewer responsibilities but ideally they're coming into the DOE with the desire to learn, network and/or do business. The multi channel marketing strategy focuses on distributing the traditional pressure of event days through the entire pre & post event campaign. Using the multi-channel approach can help make the DOE far less stressful and chaotic for all involved. Of course, planning & organization are both central to executing a successful event; here are some suggestions for managing the day of the event.

Begin at the very beginning. Before you plan or schedule the pre-event efforts consider what items you anticipate having on your "to do" list on the DOE. Then look at how you can distribute management of them in the pre-event stages so when you get to the day of the event there is less to worry about.

Learn More

View Peter Muir's presentation:
Phase 3: Event Delivery
Webinar Wednesdays
Webinar Wednesdays - Turning Your Top Ten Challenges into Opportunities

For the next installment of the Webinar Wednesday series Peter Muir, President of Bizucate, will address the top challenges our past webinar participants have shared and provide real-world examples of how to overcome these common obstacles on the road to success.

Register Now

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New Client Web Site Launched
by Carolyn Hasenfratz

We at Webinar Resources would like to extend our congratulations to UncoverMe Naturals upon the completion of their new eCommerce site. UncoverMe Naturals sells cosmetics, soaps and personal care products that are free from preservatives, dyes and harmful chemicals. Webinar Resources was hired to bring to completion a web site which had been started by another firm. The client provided beautiful product photography which made the site a joy to work on and produced a very attractive finished result. The site is based on the WordPress platform, reflecting the trend I've seen over the last several years of clients wanting to build their web sites on platforms that contain a content management system so that they can take more control over their web site updates. We wish UncoverMe Naturals much success!
See the completed site at: www.uncovermenaturals.com/

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