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Memorable and Mobile Holidays
The holidays are quickly approaching and our thoughts are turning from sales and revenue to comfort and joy. Techie toys like tablets and smartphones will be under the trees.

Holiday content is going to come in the form of ads, emails, eCards, tweets, posts, likes, comments and friends updating there whereabouts on FourSquare. Even Santa is sending magic tickets with QR codes and PURLs to good little boys and girls.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have a holiday HTML "Thank you" email produced for your customers. We even produced a special greeting for you. See our offer at the Services section of this newsletter.

In this issue of our InTouch newsletter, we will focus on news and events on how to make your holidays and greetings memorable and mobile.
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Take Your Child on an Adventure and Go Mobile
by Mark Rice

This holiday season we are showcasing our technologies, applications and business partner solutions in a unique children's web storybook. By "Blending the Best", we are able to produce and deliver "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog", an engaging and entertaining web storybook that can be played on the web and on popular mobile devices.

Santa Claus and the Lost Dog

Santa Claus and the Lost Dog A perfect "stocking stuffer" gift, the storybook sells for $5.95 and tells the story of the search for a lost dog that engages the reader in the story and the search. For every book sold at $5.95, we are donating $1.00 to St. Louis-based Stray Rescue which rescues stray animals in need of medical attention, restores them to health, and places them in loving adoptive homes.

"Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" features personalized images and messages from Santa for the child as he or she joins in the adventure to help Santa find Bella, a loveable Great Pyrenees who has gone missing. The adventure begins with a personalized postcard from Santa that arrives via U.S. mail and serves as a "magic ticket" to the web storybook. With the use of secret codes and quick response (QR) codes printed on the magic ticket, the story can be played on the web and on various mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Motorola Droid.

Visit www.MyChristmasBook.com to learn more.

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Creating a Memorable Holiday Thank You Campaign Creating a Memorable Holiday Thank You Campaign
by Mark Rice

This month, Peter Muir is producing a pre-recorded webinar replay that will focus on "Creating a Memorable Holiday Thank You Campaign". As the holiday season draws near, this is a great time to send a simple "Thank you" to your customers. It will help grow your relationship and they will keep you in mind for future business.

You can access this replay by subscribing to our Webinar Wednesday email list.

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by Mark Rice

Webinar Resources is proud to be a partner/reseller of ExactTarget, the leading global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions.

Our company is now part of NEXUS, ExactTarget's global ecosystem that features searchable company profiles, solutions recommendations and expert advice from more than 500 certified Reseller, Embedded, Integrated, Consulting and Referral partners.

Visit - http://partners.exacttarget.com/index.php?fuseaction=directory-list.main and search for Webinar Resources.

More information about NEXUS can be found at:

Nexus Ecosystem Brings Together Industry-Leading Technology and Services Organizations, Best Practices

ExactTarget NEXUS

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Santa's Call to Action
by Mark Rice

As the holiday season approaches, more marketers are getting prepared to capture orders through effective customer acquisition processes. Santa is no exception.

As more savvy business people use multi-channel marketing to communicate their message, more unique ways to touch the customer are generated. By creating community through subscribers (email), fans (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter), businesses can reach out to prospects they had never thought of and encourage them to interact through a "Call to Action", CTA. A CTA is an effective lead generation tool. It may be in the form of a coupon offer, a subscription to a newsletter or a download of a white paper.

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Delivering a Memorable Holiday Thank You Email
by Mark Rice

We would like to help you say thank you to your best customers so we are extending a special offer to our loyal newsletter subscribers. You provide the message and we will produce and deliver a holiday HTML to your customer list. We are offering this service at a stocking stuffer price of $349.00. Deadline for delivery is December 14th. Complete the form at http://holidays.youreventrequest.com and someone from Webinar Resources will in touch with you soon.

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