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We wanted to share a wee bit of exciting activities we are involved in and extend a Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye. So sit back, play a game of QRSlot, win a QRCombo code, vote for our submission for the Brainshark Sharkie awards, take a ride on the Mobile Mother Road of Route 66 and learn how you can find that pot of golden opportunity.

International Route 66 Festival 2012 Route 66 - The Mobile Mother Road
by Carolyn Hasenfratz

The Route 66 International Festival for 2012 will be held in Victorville, CA from August 9-12, 2012. One of the ways Webinar Resources is supporting this event is through a QR Combo code that we produced. Scan the QR code at the right with your mobile device and you'll see a mobile video trailer for the event. Scan the same QR code a second time and you'll be taken to a web page with more details about the event. We've spread the QR code around by placing it on the National Historic Route 66 Federation web site and launching it into social media applications such as Facebook and Pinterest.

If you do not have a smartphone, try it out by going to this link: http://mobex.me/rt66fest

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Brainshark Sharkie Awards More Mobile Media Made Easy for Marketing, Selling and Learning
by Mark Rice

Our December 7th webinar replay took first place in the MyBrainshark Learning Content competition for the Brainshark Sharkie awards. We are a finalist for the "Sharkie of the Year", so please view our presentation and those of other great Brainshark authors and vote for your favorites at http://mobex.me/sharkie12 by next Friday, March 23rd.

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Blending the Best - ExactTarget and SMS
by Mark Rice

Did you know that 90% of text messages are responded to to by the recipients? Our Email Marketing partner, ExactTarget, provides SMS texting capabilities that allow customers to opt-in to join mailing lists and retrieve mobile content through inbound text inquiries. We have set up a mobile keyword "replay" so you can retrieve not one, but two sections of our December 7th webinar replay. Just send the word "replay" to short code 88679 and you will receive a short url to play the first half of our webinar. Text the same message again and you will receive the second portion of the webinar.

Interactive Marketing Hub Stay tuned for a future release with more enhanced SMS features that will integrate with ExactTarget's Interactive Marketing Hub (IMH) which recently received the highest scores in Functionality, Executive Vision, Development Strategy and Global Strategy by Forrester Research.

Webinar Resources is proud to be a reseller for ExactTarget and we are excited to offer our customers an integrated channel for email, mobile and social media with real-time campaign reporting. Contact us if you wish to discuss becoming an ExactTarget customer and blending with the best.

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Scan the Green Scan the Green - QRSlot - QR Codes Lead to a Pot of Golden Opportunity
by Mark Rice

Just in time for St. Patty's Day, Webinar Resources releases a new use case that proves QR codes applications are only limited to your imagination. QRSlot engages the viewer to scan a green shamrock QR code that invokes a clever slot machine simulation that displays combinations of popular social media icons. Get three in a row and you win a free QRCombo code.

QRCombo was recently announced and is a unique application that combines to destinations into one QR code. Use QRCombo for mobile lead generation, charitable giving, event promotion and many more applications. You can see a sample of QRCombo codes on our Pinterest site - http://pinterest.com/mobilemrice/qrcombo/

Are ye feelin' lucky laddie? Play QRSlot and win a QRCombo code that will start you on your search for a pot of golden opportunity.

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QRCombo Attracts Reseller Opportunities
by Mark Rice

We were very excited this month when our QRCombo application was the featured discussion during the weekly #qrchat (held every Sunday evening at 7:00 pm Central Time). One of our weekly participants spotted our QRCombo application, created a QRCombo code and won the business of a college to publish the QRCombo code in a major publication to promote a women's leadership conference. The QRCombo code will launch a mobile video presentation promoting the upcoming conference. The second scan will launch contact information for the event. There really must be gold in those QRCombo codes.

If your organization is interested in hosting a "Mobile Media Made Easy" workshop, please contact us to schedule arrangements.

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