Introduction to Art Journal Selections

I. Parts from an old project that I have revisited more than once

Actually, the two pages above have parts in them from at least four old projects, but the parts I want to talk about right now are the paint sample card pieces from a hardware store that I punched holes in for different effects. I worked at Central Hardware a long time ago (1989) and I took home a couple of boxes of out of date paint color samples when they were being discarded.

In the spring of 1990, I was getting ready to graduate from St. Louis Community College with an A.A. degree. I was excited and creatively on fire. I was pushing myself in my classes and doing lots of projects outside of class too because so many ideas were coming to me. I was making tile mosaics in ceramics class at that time and I started bringing my love of tiles from just clay into paper pieces too. I made a large drawing then cut it into sections and made separate but related collages so that they would look interesting if reassembled. Several years later I scanned these cards and made a computer graphic out of them. Here is what it looks like - Brainwaves (click the color changing brain at the bottom of the page to see it).

Here are a couple of other projects (besides my art journals) that use some of these paint sample cards.

Pulled Into the Future

Making a background for a shadow box

Things to be grateful for: