It's back! Go visit my friend Mark's groovy art site. Some of my work is there too.

Mail Art Sites

The Page: Pen Pals, lots of links, contests, info on other clubs and newsletters, freebie offers. Lots of stuff.

Global Mail: A definitive resource.

Dragonfly Dream: A great mail art site with lots of useful links to other Mail Art sites.

I made this little animation here for my Mom's web site at work, but it fits the next link very nicely...

Tabloid Trash: Awesome site with eraser carving and Mail Art.

Silver Fox Stamps: An absolutely HUGE selection of rubber stamp and Mail Art Links!

Viva LasVegastamps: Shop for rubber stamp supplies, view art, and read Rubber Bytes on-line magazine!

InDigest Press Home Page: Free fonts AND mail art...what more could you want?

Outsider Art Sites

Museium of Bad Art: "Art too bad to be ignored!" Funny!

Inuit: The center for Intuitive and Outsider art.

Interesting Ideas: A super outsider art site.


Zines Zines Everywhere: More information on Zines than you can handle!


Free For All: Free fonts, free programs (including the excellent Graph X Viewer) and more!

Font Fairy Free Fonts on the Web: Great fonts, updated regularly.

Fontastic!: A mind blowing selection of free and shareware fonts.


Abysmal: The home page of cartoonist and graphic artist Steven J. Brooks. A paper doll project you can color and animations too!

Kim Mosley: My teacher's web page.

Andy's Art Attack: So far this is the best site I've ever seen ANYWHERE. Computer graphics, how-to, free backgrounds, animations, buttons, and more!


Bead Net: A wonderful starting point for exploring bead and polymer clay sites.


Click - The Photography Showcase and Mall: Very well designed. Shop, contact newsgroups, view the Top Ten websites of the week, more. My favorite feature of this page is the description of the Polaroid transfer process - I must try it one of these days. Papermakers, bookmakers, printmakers, photographers, or anyone who likes to work with mixed media should check this out.


Cloudy Ridge: This site is still partly under construction but the page of papermaking links is up and running and I'm sure you will find it useful.

Mailing Lists

For art related mailing lists, go to the Fine Art Forum Resource Directory.

Mailing lists on all topics can be found here - Liszt, the Mailing List Directory.

Other Resources

Open Studio: St. Louis Arts Online: Presented by the Kirkwiood Public Library.

St. Louis Regional Arts Comission: Among other things, contains a handy guide to public art in St. Louis, complete with pictures and information on where to find it. Good idea!

KDHX St. Louis Arts Calendar

Vitual Promote: This site is heaven for Webmasters (or web authors, or site managers, or whatever you call yourself). Tons of tools and resources to promote your site, all in one convenient location. A must!!!

Mendel's Middle Table: Ask a question about your craft or art project and it will be answered. What kind of glue should I use? How do you do (whatever)? Where can I buy (that thing)? Find out here.

Search Engines

ArtSearch Search for Art, Crafts, and Art Resources

New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages

Internet for the Fine Arts is a comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts. If you have an interest in the fine arts, be sure to explore this site.

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