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I publish my own zine about art. It's called the Lime Green News. I started publishing in 1991 because I had sponsored a Mail Art project and I decided to expand the documentation into a whole zine. I've changed the focus of the Lime Green News from Mail Art to just art in general over the years. I still include coverage of Mail Art in it however. I like to publish articles about art, letters from readers, artwork, news of projects and other tidbits that I think my readers might find of interest, zine reviews, and whatever else I like. I am very interested in hearing about other people's art projects, art cars, beads, outsider art, art environments, or any kind of unusual art that is not "traditional". If you have some material you would like to submit, please send it to me at: PO Box 771, Florissant MO 63032-0771 USA, or e-mail it to If I print what you send you will get a free copy of the issue in which it appears.

The most recent issue is #16. The contents include an account of my activities since the previous issue, letters from readers, the results of the reader participation story, zine reviews, and Art News You Can Really Use! Coming up in future issues will be articles on making artistamps, bead making, an art environment, gift ideas using rubber stamps, collage making, results of the Questions for Al project, and always reviews, letters, and Art news.

Publishing my own zine is a thrill! It's a real rush to get it finalized and printed, to take the warm stacks of paper home for folding, stapling, addressing and mailing, and to know that in a few days people from all over the world will be digging it. When I published my first issue I didn't think I would still be at it in 1997. But I am, and I'm loving it more than ever.

In this space I will put sample articles from the Lime Green News. To start off, here are some zine reviews.

Rik and Carolyn's International House of Slack cover
Last year my friend Rik and I published a collaborative zine called "Rik and Carolyn's International House of Slack". Here is a piece from that zine about going to see the movie "Wild Wheels", a film by Harrod Blank on art cars. I love 'em! On this page is also a photo of Father Time's bus! Check it out! Other contents include two comics, zine reviews, a Slacker Vocabulary Test, Slackers Index, and more!

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