Carolyn's Beads


cylindrical polymer clay beads by Carolyn

I have been making polymer clay beads since 1990. Polymer clay is commonly sold under the brand names Sculpey, Fimo, Cernit, and others. It is baked in a home oven at low temperatures and is accessible to most people for this reason because you don't need a kiln or any expensive equipment to work with it. It is wonderful to make beads with as it is lightweight and resists chipping, although it is not as hard as ceramic clay and is not suitable for thin or delicate objects.

If you make beads and would like to write about how you do it, I'd love to consider printing it in the Lime Green News! (See the "Zines" section).

Click here to see finished jewelry incorporating polymer clay beads.

Click here to see pictures of my beads.

Click here to read my article about baking polymer clay.

hand painted beads by Carolyn

The bead at the upper left hand corner is made of polymer clay in the caning technique. The other beads in this picture are made of various materials (mostly wood and polymer clay) and are stamped with acrylic paint. They have been sprayed with polyurethane varnish for durability. The rubber stamps used to stamp these beads were carved by Carolyn. When I have beads that I don't like, for example they are too plain, old designs that I don't like anymore or have been burned while baking, I like to paint them. The bead from second to left in the middle row is a bead from one of those beaded car seats. Someone gave me a box of those beads from a car seat that broke, and now I have enough wooden beads to paint for many years to come!

polymer clay beads by Carolyn

large square polymer clay beads by Carolyn

Above are beads of polymer clay. The clay is buit in canes, which are squeezed down to the desired size and then sliced, showing the patterns of colored clay inside. Making polymer clay beads is addictive. I've been known to spend twelve straight hours folding, rolling slicing, and poking these things.

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